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Press Release


BOSTON (Dec. 10. 2006) – Four artists whose work focuses on war and its aftermath have initiated the creative collaboration “History Recalls … And Nothing Has Changed,” which opens in Boston on Jan. 8.
“History Recalls” reflects the experiences of two women and two men who have lived through war and created photographs, drawings, paintings and murals to reflect those experiences. The works span 25 years in the Middle East – and prove that, regrettably, nothing has changed. The photographs and artwork focus on the human costs of warfare, especially for those left behind.
“The primary goal for ‘History Recalls’ is to find global interest and collaborators who are willing to help to promote this cause and movement,” said founder Naveed Nour, a Boston-area photographer. “ ‘History Recalls’ is a nation of no flags or all flags, a nation of no religion or all religions, a melting pot of all cultures and a place to embrace all that is offered to us as a gesture of friendship.”
The inaugural exhibit, in the Art Gallery at Northeastern University’s John and Marcia Curry Student Center, 360 Huntington Ave., Boston, opens Jan. 8 with an artists’ talk on Jan. 11th from 7-8 PM at the gallery. It runs through Jan. 27.
For more information, see: www.historyrecalls.com.
The founding artists:

  • Rania Matar trained as an architect at Cornell, then studied at the New England School of Photography in Boston and with Magnum photographer Constantine Manos in Mexico. A freelance photographer, she focuses on the Middle East, especially on women and children, and has documented the recent spread of the veil among Muslim women, life among Palestinian refugee camps and, most recently, the 2006 war in Lebanon.
  • Naveed Nour (founder of History Recalls) studied photography at Tehran University and traveled throughout Iran to document the socioeconomic effects of war on society. He moved to Ankara, working for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, and then to Ottawa, where he studied photography at the University of Ottawa, earning recognition in the university’s Annual Art Awards. Moving to America, he earned a master’s degree in management and works as a service management lead at Northeastern University in Boston. As an independent artist, he continues to create new artwork and exhibit internationally.
  • Nasser Palangi studied fine art at Tehran University and established a career as a painter, focusing on murals, including one still standing in the wartorn city of Khorramshahr. He was also commissioned to paint murals in Dubai and Seattle. Moving to Australia, he has created murals and sculptures in Canberra and exhibited art in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Dubai, England, Iran, Lebanon, Singapore, Turkmenistan and the United States.
  • Farideh Zariv earned a degree in graphic design from Tehran University and a second degree in painting from Sureh University in Tehran. She has been a gallery director in Australia and Iran as well as a painter, earning recognition from the Liberation of Khorramshahr Museum in Iran and a grant from the government of Australia, where she lives. She has exhibited paintings in 12 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, and her work is held in private and public collections around the world.

A special contribution by Jim Chiavelli, Editor in Chief of "The Voice" (Northeastern University), will also be on display.